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Our quarter-century of entertaining audiences has given us a rich inventory of scripts. Here’s a small sampling:

Murder at High Noon

Someone has been rustling cattle, and the sheriff is determined to get to the bottom of it. Was it the innocent young kid named Billy? The villainous and womanizing Black Bart? Miss Ellie, the schoolmarm who brews moonshine liquor in her backyard? Or what about innocent young Miss Priscilla? When one of the suspects drops dead, it’s up to you to help solve the crime!

The Monster Mash Murder

A stormy night, a spooky castle and a mad scientist bent on world domination! Has the good doctor resorted to murder to get the body parts he needs to assemble his creature? Or are there even more sinister motives at work? And what of the sweet young couple whose car broke down on the very night of the great experiment? Anything can happen in this wild night of murder and mayhem!

Down the Aisle… of Death!

What a perfect day for a wedding! Unfortunately, there’s more than just love and marriage in the air. Torrid clandestine affairs, meddling future in-laws and shocking revelations make for a wedding night you’ll never forget!

The Runway Murder

In the cut-throat business of beauty pageants, the contestants will do anything to get ahead. Some might even resort to bribing judges, sabotaging their rivals, and… murder!

The Baritones Mob Murder

Johnny’s a made man, but his wife is spending every penny he makes from his “legitimate business”. She stands to inherit a lot if her husband were to meet with an unfortunate accident. Of course, so does his cross-dressing cousin, his just-out-of-the-joint uncle and a whole family of conniving relatives. Who’ll be the trigger-man? See if you can figure it out as the bullets fly!

In addition to these and many other scripts, Mysterious Players can also write custom murder mysteries for your event.


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